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    Selection principle of stainless steel materials for fasteners

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    Fasteners are commonly used parts in mechanical equipment, with a very high utilization rate. Usually there are screws, nuts, bolts, rivets, etc. in order to ensure the safety of fastener use, we will have certain principles in the selection of materials. According to the knowledge of fastener use, China standard parts network will share the materials of commonly used stainless steel fasteners and the principles of fastener selection of stainless steel materials.
    The principle of selecting stainless steel materials for fasteners is generally considered from the following aspects:
    1. Requirements on mechanical properties, especially strength of fastener materials.
    2. Requirements of working conditions on corrosion resistance of materials.
    3. Requirements of working temperature on heat resistance (high temperature, strength, oxidation resistance) of materials.
    4. Requirements for material processing performance in terms of production technology.
    5. Other factors, such as weight, price and purchase, should be considered.
    After a comprehensive consideration of these five aspects, the brand, variety, specification and material standard of the selected fasteners are finally determined.

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