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    Different kinds of expansion screws and different installation methods

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    The utilization rate of expansion screw is very high in the process of decoration and product placement. After the expansion screw is punched into the hole on the ground or wall, use a wrench to tighten the nut on the expansion bolt, and the bolt moves outward, while the metal sleeve on the surface does not move, so the big head under the bolt will expand the metal sleeve to make it full of the hole, and then the expansion bolt will not be pulled out.
    The firmness of the expansion screw is the result of using the pull angle to promote the expansion to produce friction grip force and achieve firmness. One end of the screw is threaded and the other end has the degree of vertebra. The surface is covered with a sheet of iron, and the half of the tin cylinder has many hidden words. Put them together into the holes made on the wall, and then lock the nuts. Romer pulls the screws outward, and pulls the vertebra into the tin cylinder. The tin cylinder is expanded, so it is firmly fixed on the wall. It is usually used for fastening the protective fence, awning, air conditioning, etc. on the cement, brick and other materials. However, its firmness is not very reliable. If the load is shocked greatly, it may loose. Therefore, it is not recommended to install the ceiling fan.
    Expansion screw is a kind of special threaded connection used to make the air pipe support, hanger and bracket firmly on the wall, floor and column. It is composed of countersunk bolt, expanding tube, flat washer, spring washer and hexagon nut. When using, it is necessary to first use the percussion electric drill (hammer) to fix the holes with corresponding sizes on the solid, then install the bolts and expansion pipes into the holes with the hafen groove embedded parts, and then tighten the nuts to make the bolts, expansion pipes, installation parts and solid solid expand into a whole.
    The matching internal expansion bolt installation step is to select an alloy drill bit that matches the external diameter specification of the internal expansion bolt, and then drill the hole with the length of the internal expansion bolt as reference to the hafen groove embedded parts. Drill the hole to the depth required for your placement, and then clear the hole. Place the flat washer, spring washer and nut, screw the nut to the bolt and the end to cover the thread, and then insert the inner expansion bolt into the hole. Turn the wrench until the washer is flush with the surface of the fastener. If there is no special requirement, it is usually screwed by hand and then by wrench for three to five turns.

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