Security DrillDown Page for Dynamics GP (Roles, Tasks and Operations)

One or more roles are required to be assigned to users to provide access to the forms, reports, and tables needed to complete the specific tasks. If you have ever had trouble finding which roles have access to what information in Dynamics GP, a Security Page has been designed that acts as a database of all the Security Roles, the Security Tasks and the Security Operations.

GPWindow now has a Security page with all the Roles categorized into different Series/modules available in Dynamics GP. Clicking on any Role, lists down all the tasks related to the Role and clicking on Show Details link, brings out all the Security Operations for the selected Task.

The next time, if you want to give access to forms, reports, tables to users, follow the steps below and you have all the required information available to use:

1. Just navigate to the Security page through

2. You will see different Roles categorized into different Series sections.

3. Select a Role ID and all the related Tasks appear. 

For example – You can see all the tasks in the ACCOUNTING MANAGER ROLE at*

Once you are there you can drill down to see the operations.

4. To view the operations associated with a Task, just click on Show Details and you have a list of all the Security Operations organized into Product (Microsoft Dynamics GP, SmartList etc.), Type (Windows, Reports, Files etc.), Series(Company, Financial, Sales, Purchasing etc.)





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