Greenshades Center – Dynamics GP Product Reviews #2

Greenshades Center is an e-filing solution which will create and e-file SUTA/SUI returns, Local, State and Federal W-2s, 1099s, 401k and New Hire reports. After pulling information from Dynamics GP, Greenshades creates e-files (or magnetic media) for filing to local, state, or federal agencies.

We’ll cover Greenshades Year-End Forms in a separate review.

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There are thousands of Dynamics GP products, adding value to GP’s built in functionality. Our aim with the Product reviews is to highlight some of the popular GP products.

In order to make the reviews unbiased, each review will carry references of the products from newsgroups. In response to questions in various groups, GP experts and MVPs often give their unbiased views about products. We have our list of Dynamics GP experts, most of whom have been recognized by Microsoft for their work with the community. We researched how often these products were referred to in the community by these experts. The discussions related to this product are referenced below.

Greenshades Center – How this product helps

This product enables:

  • Extracting information from GP and creating E-Files for filing to a variety of tax and non-tax agencies.
  • Choosing any local, state, or federal tax and automatically creating tasks and reminders through Tax Calendar.
  • Tracking changes to tax regulations, allowing clients to view up-to-date changes to payroll and tax regulations for their states.
  • Automatically archiving

Read more about the features with screenshots below.

Which Requirements does this product help meet

This product is referenced in case of the following requirements:

  • SUTA filing capabilities
  • Federal and State tax reporting at year end
  • New hire reporting

Website and Download


Download: Download available:

References to Greenshades Center from Newsgroups/Community 

Disclaimer – Please refer to the complete discussions, we have put in excerpts below just for reference.

Reference #1

Q: Is there any way to submit 1099′s electronically from GP?
A: Greenshades is the name of the company that makes 1099 filing.
Charles Allen, MVP

Reference #2

Q: I want to know if there is a way to automate the submission of 1099 tax forms directly to the IRS from Great Plains. I am using Dynamics GP 9.0. Can you please tell me what we need to do in Great Plains to make this happen? Any suggestions are appreciated.
A: I concur. Greenshades is the only solution that integrates with GP (that I’ve ever heard of).
Charles Allen, MVP

Reference #3

Q: Is there something I’m missing?  Is there a way to electronically submit 1099′s to IRS with GP?

A: Yes, Greenshades is the way to go.
Charles Allen, MVP

Reference #4

Q: Is there a way in Great Plains 10 to electronically submit 1099 Misc information to the IRS?  Say some posts that it was in version 9, but am hoping it got added into 10.

A: This is not possible ‘out-of-the-box’ in any version of GP that’s currently out.  If you’d looking for a solution, you can also look at Greenshades:
Victoria Yudin

Reference #5
Q: How do I create 1099′s? How do I create a file to be sent to the IRS for 1099′s? I would start by reading the Payables manual. It has a section on creating 1099s.
A: For the file, you need to go to a third party solution like Greenshades (  
Charles Allen, MVP

Reference #6

Q: The SSA is no longer accepting W-2′s on magnetic media.  Is there going to be some type of update for GP 10.0 so that the data can be submitted electronically?

A: I have not heard of anything. Greenshades may be your best bet.  
Charles Allen, MVP

Reference #7

Q: Hello all we are here in Wisconsin and there appear to be changes to the way they accept the format of the file we used to produce.  We used to be able to just send the default file structure that came out of Great Plains and send that in. Now that format no longer applies and the table that hold the data for the SUTA report is a temp table.  I was wondering if anyone knows the tables I need in order for me to generate the file myself.  Or maybe even and easier way around this issue.  This quarter I told them just to take the printed report and enter it into excel with the proper format.  For next quarter I would like something more automated.  This is under Reports > Payroll > Period End > Suta Summary.

A: The "easiest" solution may be to purchase Greenshades or another product that has the SUTA filing capabilities. Alternatively, if you have the format you need to use, a custom report is probably the best bet.
Charles Allen, MVP

Reference #8

Q: We will be required to download our SUTA report 1st quarter 2008 online. The social security number cannot have hyphens; the employee name has to be separated into last name, first name, middle name format in order for the website to take the report properly. If report isn’t changed on the system, you either have to change it manually before you import the file or will have to manually input each employee name, social security number & wages. You are required to report online if you have more than 99 employees.  We are using version 9.

A: I think Greenshades ( would give you what you want. Otherwise, you’ll need to spend some money creating a custom report.  
Charles Allen, MVP

Reference #9

Q: I would like to see more reports available such as overtime reports, new hire reports, federal tax deposit reports which shows the amount of fica and fed withheld per check date.  There is a long list of reports that would be beneficial to have.
A: I don’t think you’re going to see them in GP. Greenshades has new hire reporting. The data is in GP, of course, so a report could be created. If you are using HR, I believe it has a new hire report. I can’t get into GP right now; otherwise, I’d tell you for sure. Because GP does not track tax deposits, you’re not going to be able to get a report for them. It would be great if tax deposits were tracked.
Charles Allen, MVP

Installation and configuration

Please refer to the installation manual for the latest steps, the steps below provide the basic steps for a test install.

1. Run Setup and complete wizard steps




2. Install SQL tables



Creates E-Files suitable for filing to tax and non-tax agencies


Creates tasks and reminders to meet local, state, or federal tax deadlines


View up-to-date changes to payroll and tax regulations for their states



Review, edit and resubmit previous fillings


Other References –

The Ever Expanding Payroll System

Frustrated at all the Year End Payroll Tasks? Try Greenshades!

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