Mekorma MICR – Dynamics GP Product Reviews #1

Introduction to Product Reviews

There are thousands of Dynamics GP products, adding value to GP’s built in functionality. Our aim with the Product reviews is to highlight some of the popular GP products.

In order to make the reviews unbiased, each review will carry references of the products from newsgroups. In response to questions in various groups, GP experts and MVPs often give their unbiased views about products. We have our list of Dynamics GP experts, most of whom have been recognized by Microsoft for their work with the community. We researched how often these products were referred to in the community by these experts. The discussions related to this product are referenced below.

Lets begin with our first review – Mekorma MICR

Below you will find the following sections about this product –

  1. Short Description
  2. How this product helps
  3. Which Requirements does this product help meet
  4. References from Newsgroups/Community 
  5. Website and Trial Version Download
  6. Installation and Configuration with Screenshots
  7. Features



Mekorma MICR uses a laser printer and black magnetic toner to enable check printing on blank or preprinted stock. It has option to Configure Signatures, Passwords and Thresholds amount for the checks.

How this product helps

This product enables:

  • Check printing on blank stock, which is not available in Microsoft Dynamics GP by default. It prints the MICR line on the check.
  • Print signatures (one or more) based on the dollar amount. It has option to set the threshold amount. Based on check amount and threshold amount, signatures are printed
  • Print checks from inside Microsoft Dynamics GP: The Mekorma MICR replaces the GP check printing process.

Read more about the features with screenshots below.

Which Requirements does this product help meet

This product is referenced in case of the following requirements

  • For Enabling Check Printing on blank stock. 
  • It allows restrictions on check printing. Authorization levels are applied based dollar amounts of checks

References to Mekorma MICR from Newsgroups/Community

Disclaimer Please refer to the complete discussions, we have put in excerpts below just for reference.

Reference #1

Q: I would like to be able to print checks on blank stock, is this possible with GP without any third-party add-ons?  To further complicate the issue I need to be able to do it for 4-6 different bank accounts.  Is this possible?  if so does anyone know if there is a guide or something that could point me in the right direction?

A: Assuming you want to print the MICR line as well as all the other text, you must use a third-party product. Mekorma’s MICR check product is the most widely-used.

Charles Allen, MVP

A: The Mekorma MICR product is rock solid. Beyond a certain size (# of checks, # of bank accounts, # of companies) using blank check stock simply makes the most sense.

Mark Polino

Reference #2

Q: We have a blank check stock that we use to print our checks in GP. We need to create a custom format in GP to print check so that they match our current format (one I created in Crystal Report). I have made a copy of the "Stub Top/Bottom – Text" check in Report Writer, but it does not show up as an option in our Check Format field. Can someone tell me how I can get this new check format listed? I have searched the company db for the name of this check format and the others and I cannot find a table that lists them.

A: Mekorma is the de-facto standard on blank check stock printing. I also give them three thumbs up, they are very good, very nice to work with and the product is seamless.


Reference #3

Q: We have the Mekorma 3rd party software but currently print checks on preprinted forms.  We want to move to blank stock but our check supplier tells us that there are many issues (i.e. magnetic toner has shelf life, printers may print smudges on the MICR line, etc. etc.) that may cause the checks to fail clearing at the bank without warning.

A: His issues are really non-issues. I have multiple clients using Mekorma MICR for check printing and have never heard any of these kind of issues from any of them.

Frank Hamelly

Reference #4

Q: New to dynamics. Wanting to know if how to edit check layout or if it is possible to do? We recently changed check format. Now using blank 3 part instead of a pre-printed one, i.e., account number, company name etc. wondering how to add these fields on check layout so it would print.
A: You’re saying you want to print on completely blank check stock?  Without anything printed on it when you buy it?  For that you need to buy an add-on software package like MICR checks printing from Mekorma:…
and you need to purchase MICR toner for your printer.
Victoria Yudin

Reference #5

Q: I am looking for a list of laser printers that can support check printing by Dynamics GP.
A: Go with an HP LaserJet.  You can’t go wrong with that printer and it does work very well with Mekorma if you’re going that route.

Frank Hamelly
A: Now, if you are talking wanting to print MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) checks, you’ll need a product like Mekorma to do so.  Be aware, however, that in most cases, magnetic toner is not actually required anymore because the character recognition software used by many banks is advanced enough to read standard toner characters.  I have many clients who use Mekorma to print their checks and use plain toner in their printers with no issues.
Frank Hamelly

Reference #6
Q: There are times when AP or Payroll checks are sent to the printer, the Printer jams or for some reason GP stops printing. I am trying to find the best way to handle this. For example, if I am sending 200 checks in my check run and say they start
at check number 1 and the printer jams on check number 50. In this case if try to reprint checks from 51 to 200 – GP voids checks numbers 51 to 200 and requires that the next check number should be 201. This means I have to void/trash 150 perfectly good checks. Is there any way to reprint them without the GP "voiding" the checks.
A: Yes, don’t use pre-printed check stocks! We are in the 21st century, have your client order blank check stocks then you can use a product like Mekorma’s MICR to generate magnetically encoded checks.

Mariano Gomez

Reference #7

Q: There should be built into the check disbursement function(s) certain internal controls.  Example, allowing for restrictions – authorization levels as it relates to dollar amounts.

A: I understand the desire to use one publisher but I think you are fighting a battle everytime you do that. The third party products, like Mekorma’s  MICR application, is so much more powerful than what GP offers.
Charles Allen, MVP

Website and Trial Download


Trial: Unlimited Trial with Sample Company Fabrikam available

Installation and configuration

1. Run exe and complete installation wizard



2. Launch GP and Include new code


3. Install SQL tables for Mekorma


4. Register the product


5. Set path for stub library (Tools >> Setup >> Purchasing  >> Mekorma MICR Payables >> Configurator Global Setup )


6. Give access to Mekorma Windows (Tools >> Setup >> system >> Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports)


7. Set up Signatures to be printed on checks (Tools >> setup >> Purchasing >> Mekorma MICR Payables Setup >> Signature ID)


8. Set up Checkbook ID to be used with MICR (Tools >> setup >> Purchasing >> Mekorma MICR Payables Setup >> Mekorma MICR Setup)

Select Signature, check format and stub



Use pre-printed check stock


Print Blank Check stock


Print up to two signatures


Print signatures based on threshold dollar amount


Reduce check fraud by Multi-level password security



Optional automatic check copies


Built-In Check Format Library


  • Change printer on the fly
  • Change check format on the fly
  • Print overflow information to 2nd tray
  • Automatic collation of overflow information


Some Other features:

  • EFT Remittance Printing Options
  • Sort Payroll Checks by Location ID
  • Integrates with Payables, U.S. Payroll, Canadian Payroll and Miscellaneous Checks

Other References –

Mark Polino’s – Automatically Click the Mekorma Check Copy Button:

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