Dynamics GP SDT Essential Series 1 – Working better with Multiple Companies

When you are working with Multiple companies all day long, the little things help.

Using the free Support Debugging Tool from Microsoft, you can achieve the following, with just a few clicks - 

  • You can use different color themes for each company, helping you differentiate between various companies in a flash 
  • You can display a message when a user logs into a Test Company or a Historical Company
  • You can display the company name in the Title bar

See detailed instructions and screenshots below.

If you need more information about the Support Debugging Tool, including installation details – go to the SDT Portal, which is maintained by David Musgrave, from Microsoft.

The Support Debugging Tool has two modes:

· Standard mode which is a read-only mode which helps with application logging and providing resource and security information.

· Advanced Mode adds triggering and scripting capabilities, data export and import and Dictionary control.

Pre-requisite: Changing colors based on Company is a Advanced Mode feature of Support Debugging Tool.

To enable Advanced Mode features of this tool, navigate to Dex.ini Settings window through Options->Dex.ini Settings and check “Enable Debugger Advanced Mode Features” option.
Support Debugging Tool >> Options >> Dex.ini

Open Administrator Settings window by selecting Administrator Settings from the Options button on Support Debugging Tool window.
Support Debugging Tool >> Options >> Administrator Settings


Navigate to the Company tab on Administrator Settings window and select the option “Activate Company based Color Schemes” that can be used to change the background colors for each company.


Select a theme from “Select Theme Colors” dropdown that contains 16 preset themes.


As an alternative, the Select buttons can also be used to select the Window Toolbar, Window Background and Window Heading Colors.


Anytime, the color settings can be reverted back to the default settings by selecting Reset Theme from the Select Theme Colors dropdown.


Additionally, there are options to display a dialog after a user has logged into a company. Choose appropriate options from Display dialog on login for this company dropdown.

  • Select “Test Company Message” to display “This Company is set up for testing only. Do not use this company when processing live data” dialog box upon login.
  • Select “Historical Company Message” to display “This Company is used for storing historical information only. Do not use this company when processing current-year data” dialog box upon login.


For instance, select the option “Test Company Message”.


Test Company Message: “This Company is set up for testing only. Do not use this company when processing live data.”


To easily identify each window when multiple instances of Microsoft Dynamics GP are running on a single workstation, the Administrator Settings window provides options to define Window Titles prefixed with Company ID and/or User ID. Any of the options can be selected to achieve this from Change Window Titles in Windows Start Bar dropdown.


For instance, if Add Company only is chosen and settings are applied by clicking on Apply button, the title bar of all the windows have the company name prefixed with it.


Following screen shows the company Name [TWO] prefixed with Microsoft Dynamics GP window’s title bar.


Further Information -

Support Debugging Tool Portal

Differentiating Companies in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Support Debugging Tool Build 11 released: a look at the company color coding feature

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